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Itty Bitty Camps is taking a break for the winter.  We'll start camps again in March just in time to catch the lovely skunk cabbage blooming in  the wetlands in Discovery Park.

During the winter,  we'll be doing workshops on getting your young children outside, with tips for success, essential (and optional) gear to have, and what you might expect from your children.  Please email if you are interested, and I can update you once the schedule is set.

Or keep an eye out on for updates.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you!

Itty Bitty Camps Parent & Child Outdoor Program

Join us at Discovery Park for habitat exploration designed for young children and their families or caregivers.  We use songs, art projects, stories and games to learn about what lives at the ponds, beach, meadow, wetland and forest. 

It is our intention to create a space for very young children to explore safely, and a place for parents to feel comfortable telling their children "Yes."  As in, "yes, you can touch that bug, get your feet wet, run down the path."  We hope that all children will develop a love of being outside in nature, and we hope you will let us help develop that.

"You wouldn't believe the little adventures that are waiting for you right in our backyard! Frogs the size of a dime, salamander families, kite flying, beautiful spider webs, hikes, crabs and starfish, hide and seek in the meadows, birds and so much more! The collection of songs are fun and fresh, my son still sings them, and the art projects are innovative and always age appropriate. All and all a really enjoyable experience for the caregiver and the child." says Dawn, mother of Jack. 


Upcoming Sessions:

Salmon Searching:
November 8 or 15, 10-11:30
We'll be looking for spawning salmon at Carkeek Park, hiking next to Piper's Creek.  There is a maximum of 12 families, so RSVP asap to reserve a spot for your family.

*Please see the FAQS below for my policy about pricing for nanny shares or cousins attending together.  
Can't make it to all of the classes? Up to 4 make-ups are allowed during other weekdays or sessions. Please see the FAQS below for more info.
Apply Online Now!
  1. Cut and paste the following registration form into the body of an email.
  2. Add to subject line: Child's Name/Camp Session you are applying for.
  3. Next, you will receive an email confirmation that includes payment options via check or paypal. Once your payment is received, I will notify you that your space is confirmed.
  4. Expect an email one week before the first day with a welcome letter and exact meeting location details.

Itty Bitty Camp 2013 Registration Form
Child's Name(s)-
Parent or Guardian First and Last Name-

Do you or your child have nut, bee or other allergies?
Tell me a little about your child's temperament and personality (this is just so I can have a sense of who your child is ahead of time) 
Do I have your permission to include your email address, you and your child's names in a group message to others enrolled in the program?
How did you hear about Itty Bitty Camps? 

Contact Hillary

Daily Routine & FAQS

  • 10:oo Arrival and gather for welcome song and felt board activity that introduces our daily theme
  • 10:15 Hiking with games and stories specific to curriculum
  • 10:45 Snack (bring your own)
  • 11:00 Art project
  • 11:30 Goodbye Closing song

How far do we walk?
Our longest walk is 1.75 miles round trip. I'll let you know in the confirmation email if we are walking a long distance. Hiking boots are not necessary, but comfortable shoes are important.

What do we do when it rains?
Usually camp is still on, in the r
ain! But if it's really miserable, I'll let you know via email if we'll meet indoors or cancel.

Can I bring my stroller?
We use strollers often on all paved trails.  The first day in the forest is the only day we can't use strollers, but contact me about your needs.  I can always take an alternate route for special conditions.

Can our Nanny, Grandparents or other caregivers come with me and/or my child?
Sure! No problem. Please send me their emails and give them a contact number so they can call if they need help with directions
. Let them know we will hike and sit on the ground often. 

Why don't you offer the sibling rate to nanny shares or cousins attending together?
I base my rate on the number of people assumed to be providing for the children. In the case of nanny shares and cousins it's often dual income families. If your situation is special, please let me know and I can work with you i.e. moms that work as nannies and want to bring their child.

What if we miss a day? I don't offer a discount for missed days, but I do allow Camp Credit.  I allow up to 4 make-up in any session any season, except the first day of camp and beach day (because of logistics.)  Let me know 2 days in advance so I can bring extra art supplies.

What is your cancellation policy?
Itty Bitty Camps reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient enrollment. Registrants will be notified by email and full refunds will be issued by check. All fees paid by participants for current sessions are non-refundable. If there are outstanding circumstances, the payment may be transferred to a future session.
All fees and schedules are subject to change with out notice.

Is my child too young for this program? At 12 months old, some children are still spending most of their time very close to the parent, in the baby carrier, nursing, or in arms. I believe they are participating, being in nature with their grown-ups, other children, and learning to create a positive relationship with us all, including the little critters we find. My goal is to make Itty Bitty Camps interesting for the parents as well as the little ones so we will all know the park's ecosystems a bit more intimately.

My toddler nurses often, is Itty Bitty Camp breastfeeding friendly? Yes, I wholly support nursing anytime we sit for a break, anywhere

Art Projects

butterfly kite

owl window
mini felt board
frog sock puppet
meadow Corsagebutterfly mobile
Our intention is to make art that is fun to play with, recyclable, re purposed, and/or compostable.

About Us

Children need nature as much as nature needs children.
-Richard Louv author Last Child in the Woods

Hillary Kleeb is a mother of two toddlers, and Itty Bitty Camps blends her love of being outside with the joy of seeing very young people learning about the world we live in.  

Hillary has a background in environmental science and environmental education, and was a Restoration Ecologist and volunteer coordinator before having children.  She has worked with people of all ages outside in nature, and has found the under 5 set to be the most adventurous and most fun!

Jennifer Kakutani, founder of Itty Bitty Camps has moved onto more adventures and dreams.  Know that she will miss seeing the families of Itty Bitty, please do keep in touch with her and say hi at

Testimonials and Birthday Parties

"I did this program twice with my two girls, ages 3.5 and 1.5, and they LOVE it. We'll be going back this year. Jennifer takes parents and/or caregivers out with tots ages 1-4 to a different spot each week within Discovery Park and creates an awesome morning based on varying themes. She does activities, looks for wildlife, and is really good at connecting with children on their level. I really loved this program because it helped me do something that as a mom I know my kids need -- getting out into nature for hikes and habitat exploration -- but that I rarely am motivated to do during the week on my own. I've done a lot of programs with my kids, and some of them really haven't impressed me. This series is soooo worth it!"
- Natalie, Mom to Lola and Tansy
"I am one of those moms who seeks out wonderful things to engage my daughter and get her really tired for her naps. We stumbled upon Itty Bitty Nature camps from our local Yahoo Moms Group and I have to say we love it. My nanny takes my 2 year old daughter most of the time. They come home with stories and my daughter shouts out "Moon" and "Sun!" The walking outside and learning about the environment is such a lovely thing. I hesitated to sign up for December because of the rain... but it has not been a problem at all. Each day Ilaria goes she returns home with the most wonderful art projects. Last week they made a gorgeous moon that my daughter will give to her nature loving grandparents. One week they made a bird feeder that we hung and watched the birds come to our tree. I can not say enough good things about this program and it is affordable!"
-Melinda, Mom to Ilaria

Birthday PartiesCelebrate your little one's special day with an hour of nature-based games, stories, exploration, and an art project. Choose from customized themes such as creepy crawly bugs, weaving spiders, or lucky lady bugs. Host the party at your house, book a room at an Environmental Learning Center, or a shelter at a park. $100 for one hour of activities for all ages.